Index C200 Increases Productivity

DKW Engineering continues to invest in its future, offering customer’s unrivaled service through a multi-channel solution to machining components. Our fixed head turning capacity is now complemented by the addition of an Index C200 Triple Turret, twin Spidle Machining Centre.

We are now working with Geo Kingsbury Machine Tools on our newly commissioned INDEX C200 to provide even faster cycle times on up to 65mm diameter bar work. If you face challenges sourcing quality components, delivered defect free and on time, please contact our engineering team for advice and quotations.

With the INDEX C200 machine, new opportunities open up for high-speed production of parts turned from bar stock. Despite their compact exterior dimensions, the INDEX C200 as 3-turret-machine offer a spacious working area for the complete machining of workpieces. The new guideway system INDEX SingleSlide guarantees substantially higher dynamics with optimum vibration damping. The quality of the workpiece is improved as is the tool life in combination with reduced cycle times.


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